Nottingham Forest announces update on City Ground redevelopment as work falls behind schedule

Major work to expand Nottingham Forest’s City Ground will not start this summer, but club bosses insist they are still committed to the project. One of the main aspects of the plan is to demolish the Peter Taylor Stand and replace it with a new structure, increasing the stadium’s capacity by 5,000 seats, to 35,000.

The club have denied rumors that the plans would be scrapped, but the latest statement is understood to mean that work is now on hold until at least 2024. Forest said it is currently working on specific conditions involving “complex discussions and negotiations”. after planning. permission was granted by Rushcliffe Council (RBC) last year.

“The club’s aim is to obtain final permission once the necessary conditions have been met,” a club spokesman said in a statement. Any suggestion that this is not the case or that the club is trying to abort the process is 100 percent false.

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Part of the terms to be negotiated is the demolition and relocation of the boathouses along the River Trent, one of which is the former Britannia Rowing Club building, owned by the Nottingham Rowing Club. The bar’s manager, Andy Townsend, said the club could not invest until terms were decided.

“We store a lot of boats there, so they have to provide us with a place to supply our boats,” he said. “Everyone is waiting for what they are going to do.

“We’re in a situation where we can’t invest in the club until we know what Forest is going to do. We want him to go ahead and do it.”


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