Parents say ‘about time’ Nottingham Park improved after £100,000 upgrade announced

Parents living near a 30-year-old Nottingham park say it was “about time” it got an upgrade after a £100,000 upgrade was announced. The money will be spent on upgrading the equipment and facilities on offer at the Ronald Street playground in Radford, which Nottingham City Council describe as “rapidly reaching the end of its useful life”.

The investment is made up of £65,000 in grants and £35,000 in existing money given to the council by the developers. It comes after a survey that asked local residents how they would like to see the park improve closed last November.

Parents with children using the Ronald Street play area are now hopeful that work will start soon. Darin Sabaty, 42, said: “My children already use the play area, but of course we would use it more if it were improved.

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“It’s important to the area, so I’m definitely pleased that they’ve confirmed that this money is being spent now.” Ida Njie, 40, said: “It’s about time and we hope this will be done as soon as possible.

“Definitely needs improvement because the fence is rusty and hopefully there will be clearer signs for dog walkers, because they’re not allowed to go through it and yet there’s only a very small sign telling them that. It’s exciting that they’re going “. spend that kind of money on it and it’s definitely going to be welcome, we just need to see some action now.”

A general view of the children’s play area in Ronald Street, Radford, Nottingham.(Image: Joseph Raynor/Nottingham Post)

Abdul Balloul, 40, added: “My children already use it but they saw the pictures in the survey showing what the park would look like and they were very excited. We are all really behind this project and if the council wants something they will volunteer to help them, we’re definitely ready to do it.”


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