People ‘not surprised’ they live close to one of Nottinghamshire’s worst roads for speeding drivers

People who live near a main Nottinghamshire road are “not surprised” that it has seen the most violations captured by the county’s average speed cameras. Data from Nottinghamshire Police has revealed the worst roads in terms of the average number of speed camera offenses recorded over the past three years.

The cameras work by monitoring the driver’s speed along a stretch of road, unlike other speed cameras that capture it in a single flash. Mobile speed cameras or police officers can catch people speeding.

Data from Nottinghamshire Police, released following a freedom of information request, shows that one of Nottingham’s main roads has seen the most speed camera violations. Cameras on the A610 Nuthall Road between Stockhill Lane and Bar Lane, where there is a 30mph speed limit, recorded almost 2,000 violations during 2022.

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This figure has been much higher in previous years, with the same stretch of road seeing around 2,800 violations in 2021 and around 2,700 violations in 2020. Although not always the specific section between Stockhill Lane and Bar Lane, Nuthall Road has recorded highest average speed. camera offenses in Nottinghamshire over the last three years.

People who live just off Nuthall Road say they often see “dangerous” drivers along it. Valerie Whalley, 61, said: “You wouldn’t think there’s actually a speed limit on this road because there are so many kamikaze drivers on it.

“A lot of people are in too much of a hurry to get to wherever they’re going and so they rush through traffic lights. I’ve lived here since 1995 and the road now is just ridiculous, it’s actually widened a bit.” years ago, so he’s very busy.


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