Roman Kemp finds a £10k winning creamy egg, but eats it

How does it feel to eat £10k? Roman Kemp says he “tastes like regret” after finding one of Cadbury’s half white, half milk chocolate creamy eggs… and eating it.

The Capital FM star and TV personality didn’t realize she had just stumbled upon a winning egg. After unwrapping the delicious gift, she shared a photo on Twitter, writing: “What’s this??? HALF WHITE HALF MILK CHOCOLATE?? @CadburyUK.” The image featured the presenter holding a two-tone chocolate egg. Although only his hand, the remains of the wrapper and the egg could be seen in the image, he appeared to be relaxing watching television.

One person kindly replied: “Erm you’ll find it could be worth up to £10K No kidding! I hope you didn’t eat it!” Another added: “OMG! I think you’ve literally won a prize with that!! !!” with a third explaining: “OMG, is that the rare double chocolate egg? Worth £10k in its new competition, it says the person who finds it has to take a picture of it, standing on one leg, dressed in a black top and white pants and I’m totally making it up, sorry.” “I’m taking a chance here but I think it’s half white and half milk chocolate,” another noted.

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Roman followed the post, adding, in all caps: “I already ate it and people are saying it’s worth £10k.” As responses to the post poured in, Kemp added: “I ate it. What do I do now? Helpppppppppp.” Then, including a crying face emoji, he added: “People say it’s a joke or I sent it from Tippex. YES ******** I wish.”

One helpful person posted a ‘How to Claim’ notice,” while others said they just needed the number or code on the packaging and added “or did you throw it away?”.

Another follower shared a link to a Cadbury advert that read: “Earn up to £10,000, but you won’t be able to eat it. Sorry.” Chocolate treats have been hidden in supermarkets and stores across the country. The competition in charge of the famous chocolate firm will last until April 9. Eggs should not be eaten.


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