Shoplifter ousted from Tesco and Co-op in Beeston after ‘unacceptable behaviour’

A thief has been banned from entering or loitering near certain Nottinghamshire shops for two years. Lee Keeton, 28, was banned from defined areas in Beeston, including the Tesco Extra store on Station Road and the Co-op store on Queens Road, as well as the Co-op store on Bramcote Lane, Chilwell.

Keeton is also prohibited from remaining in any store when asked to leave by a member of staff, using threatening or abusive words or behavior that is likely to cause harassment, alarm and distress to anyone in the Broxtowe district. He must not enter any business premises from which he has received a prohibition letter prohibiting him from entering.

Keeton, from Long Eaton, Derbyshire, was ordered to criminal conduct after appearing at Nottingham Magistrates Court on Tuesday March 21 after pleading guilty to four counts of robbery and other counts of criminal mischief and being drunk and disorderly. He was sentenced to 15 days rehabilitative activity requirement and ordered to pay compensation of £40.97, in addition to his criminal behavior order.

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The Beeston Neighborhood Police team successfully applied for the criminal conduct warrant, which it said would prevent recidivism and allow for swift action if he repeats his criminal conduct. Police Constable Natasha Yaqub, from the Beeston Neighborhood Watch Team, said: “Keeton’s unacceptable behavior has had a significant negative impact on local shops and their employees.

“We continue to deal strongly with people who act this way. I hope this criminal behavior order protects our communities from further harm at the hands of Keeton and acts as a warning to others who behave this way: action will be taken against them and they risk ending up with a criminal record.”

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