‘The big reason’: Player reveals why he turned down Fulham and Nottingham Forest in January

Both Fulham and Nottingham Forest have approached the Fluminense midfielder André, according to the player himself.

This was revealed by the 21-year-old in an interview he gave to 3 Na Área this week.

André was asked about the offers he had to leave Fluminense in January, and he had no problem talking about the way he turned down transfers to Fulham and Nottingham Forest.

“I already mentioned it in another interview. This team that Danilo went to, was also approached by Fulham. But I already had a kind of agreement with the president, largely because of Diniz too, it’s worth saying, he wanted to keep the base for this year. André told 3 Na Area.

“I was living at a time when my wife was in the final stages of her pregnancy, in November, December, my son was due in January, and I chose to stay here as well. It was the big reason why he wasn’t advancing in any conversation. We cannot avoid a proposal, that’s how it happened, but from the beginning we already knew that the base of last year, we would continue for this year, to aim for great things”.

Regarding the dream of moving to the Premier League, André even mentioned a couple of midfielders he admires there.

“Oh yes, absolutely. I think it is everyone’s dream. I’m still 21 years old, I think the best possible example today is Bruno Guimarães, I think he left at 24, if I’m not mistaken. He is a player that I am a fan of. He went to Lyon, after Lyon took a step towards the Premier League. So he’s a great example, a great player that I’m a huge fan of, I think he carries that Newcastle team on his back.”

Fulham’s interest is not new, since in January they asked him about that offer and he confirmed that it existed. As for Nottingham Forest, and the player didn’t even remember the name of the club, that’s something the Brazilian media didn’t report at the time.

In a recent interview, Fluminense manager Fernando Diniz had high praise for André, stating that he should be worth between €20 and €30 million. In fact, it doesn’t sound bad, because when Fulham’s offer was first known, it was said that the Whites had offered 20 million euros for the transfer of him.

Now it’s a matter of waiting to see if the rojiblancos come back for him in the summer.


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