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      The role of the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner could be removed under devolution plans

      ByMonelo Gabriel

      Mar 10, 2023

      Ben Bradley says the role of Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) could be removed in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire as part of devolution agreements for both counties. The Nottinghamshire County Council leader spoke as the results of a public consultation on the proposed East Midlands devolution deal were published.

      The deal would see a new authority established in the East Midlands given £1.14bn over 30 years, along with additional powers in areas such as housing and transport. Those taking part in the consultation broadly agreed with most of the deal, but there was less support for the creation of an East Midlands mayor to head the new devolved authority.

      The first East Midlands mayor will be elected in May 2024, the same month that the new East Midlands authority will be formally established. In the public consultation, 45% disagreed with the new authority’s government plans, compared to 42% who agreed, with comments mainly focused on the creation of the new mayoral position.

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      But speaking about some of the concerns raised, Ben Bradley said: “Certainly people ask those questions about whether it’s about more politicians and more elections. It doesn’t have to be that way and we have all sorts of options as we go forward.”

      “There are options in other places where there are fewer politicians, where the PCCs disappear and become part of the combined authority. All of those things are questions for us to consider and look at in the future.

      “They don’t have to be more political. I really believe it’s about getting all of our existing people and structures to come together on a coherent strategy so that we work together rather than pulling in different directions.”


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