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      The star’s unaired BBC The Apprentice moment left Karren Brady with ‘tears running down her face’

      ByMonelo Gabriel

      Mar 11, 2023

      An Apprentice star says it left Karren Brady in tears and unable to film a moment viewers missed on the show. Megan Hornby, who made it to the interview process, says she left Karren sobbing with laughter.

      The Apprentice star and Simba Rwambiwa brought Karren to tears when they acted as prison officers during an immersive experience assignment. Former Birmingham City Football Club boss Karren found her and Simba’s actions so amusing that tears streamed down her face, reports Birmingham Live.

      Megan said: “The immersive experience was hands down my favorite day and I think Simba would say the same. I can’t even tell you how much fun we had, we had Karren Brady in stitches, crying with laughter.

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      “He couldn’t even film because he was laughing so hard. Honestly one of the best days of my life.” It comes as Simba was removed from the show on Thursday night.

      Lord Sugar said, “Simba, if you don’t say anything worth listening to, are you someone who would qualify to be my business partner? They say every dog ​​has his day and sadly Simba, it’s not your day. It’s with regret , you are fired!”

      On Twitter, glitterfulspace wrote: “Clearly Lord Sugar just wanted a women’s final five again, no way Simba should have been fired #TheApprentice.” Katie added: “@Lord_Sugar You’ve been wrong again #LordSugar. You fired #Simba from #TheApprentice. He was the only mature and intelligent apprentice in the team of 3. He was treated unfairly tonight. No one could talk about the girl with the mouth!” “


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