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      Valentine’s Day yarn display set up in Ruddington

      ByMonelo Gabriel

      Feb 14, 2023

      • By Amy Phipps and Rob Rose
      • bbc news


      The love-themed decorations were made by a group called the Nottingham Yarn Ninjas.

      A town is spreading the love on Valentine’s Day with a display of heartwarming woolen ornaments.

      A group of around 40 ‘yarn ninjas’ knitted and crocheted the items on display outside St Peter’s Church in Ruddington, Notinghamshire.

      The group has worked on screen since completing their Christmas effort.

      Emma Scott, one of the members, said the response to their work gave them a “very warm feeling.”


      The knitted and crocheted items were displayed in Ruddington, Nottinghamshire.

      The love-themed decorations were made by the Nottingham Yarn Ninjas.

      Ms. Scott said the group was formed during the pandemic and has continued to grow.


      The group created a message for the community to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

      “We all have an interest in crafts of some kind: some are knitters, crocheters, seamstresses,” she said.

      “During lockdown, we were all chatting online.

      “I saw a yarn bomb in Leicestershire and thought ‘you know what ladies? We can do this’.”


      Emma Scott said each themed exhibit took months of planning.

      With the help of some parish council funds, the group has created numerous themed displays for the town.

      “With Nottingham’s knitting history, particularly Ruddington with the knitting museum, it made a lot of sense,” he explained.

      “Our exhibits are for everyone, kids, seniors, everyone just comments and enjoys, so it’s really inclusive for the town.

      “Every time we do it, people stop us and thank us, saying that we are doing something very good for the town.

      “It gives us a very warm feeling.”


      Ms. Scott said the group was formed during the pandemic and has grown to about 40 members.

      She said that each exhibit was planned well in advance.

      “There is never a gap, we started at Easter last night,” he said.

      “Depending on the size of the screen, it takes a couple of months.”


      The Nottingham Yarn Ninjas have been supported with some funds from the parish council.


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