Work to build Nottingham’s new school is hailed as an ‘investment for the future’

Work has begun on a new school hailed as an ‘investment’ in the city’s future. Due to open in September 2024, Bluecoat Trent Academy is currently under construction where Nottingham College’s now-demolished former Clarendon campus stood on Pelham Avenue near Carrington.

The 1,200-seat secondary school will include a teaching block with an adjoining sports centre, catering and dining facilities, planting of new trees, play areas and an external learning space. There will also be student, visitor and staff bike parking, service area trash storage, and secure boundary fencing.

Locals said they were pleased to see the old university building make way for the new school. Terry Allen, 33, who lives in Carrington and works in hospitality, said: “I’ve noticed there’s not much for people in this area, not a lot of schools. It will be a lot easier for the families around.” here to send your kids to school, it’s also just off a main street.

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“It’s a great place for a new school because there are a lot of houses nearby and for the kids there is also a great park (Forest Recreation Ground) nearby.

Kyle French, 23, and Toni Bryan, 21, who lived in Carrington, also supported the project. “It was really about time they replaced the university, it was falling apart,” French said.

“There aren’t many places to go to school in the city, I can see why they would need more places.” Ms Bryan added: “It’s a good investment for the future. It’s a good thing for the area.”


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