Cavers who found Adam Perkins’ missing body had a ‘gut feeling’ where it was

Two cavers have spoken about their “intuition” that led them to find the body of missing man Adam Perkins.

Adam Perkins was found dead at the Ayton Monument Mine on Friday March 24 after traveling from Sheffield. The 24-year-old was reported missing earlier that week after going camping, Teesside Live reports.

Bob Johnson and Peter Pink, who have years of experience exploring disused mines, traveled to the area after seeing the missing call on social media. Bob, 48, said: “Even though we weren’t in the same room, we both had a feeling we knew where it was.

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“We had planned to go in on Saturday but on Friday night when we finished working we decided to go down, we couldn’t rest. We arrived at about 4:30 p.m. and there were no detours, we went straight into the mine.”

Searches by the Cleveland Mountain Rescue team, Swaledale MRT and the Mine Rescue Service (MRS) were underway on Thursday and Friday, but they had yet to find him. It is understood that accurate maps of the mines, which closed in the 1930s, were sought to assist teams and ensure each area was recorded.

They headed towards one of three crevasses inside the mine with markers showing that mountain rescue teams had been inside. As they traveled deeper, more tapes showed where the search time had reached before turning back due to conditions and lack of oxygen.


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