Darren Moore makes an honest admission to the Sheffield Wednesday squad amid looming contract decisions

Darren Moore has said that he does not anticipate the need for “knee-jerk” reactions in the upcoming transfer window.

Last summer, Sheffield Wednesday’s transfer number reached the double-digit mark. The previous season, Moore was tasked with another major rebuild following relegation from the Championship.

But with the Owls looking well on their way to automatic promotion, despite a jarring derby loss to Barnsley in their last outing, manager Moore has spoken about how he feels he has the “core” of a team at his disposal. Despite several Wednesday players nearing the end of their current contracts, his comments seem to allude to the fact that negotiations are expected to be a formality when the time comes.

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The likes of Barry Bannan, Josh Windass and George Byers are among those nearing expiration dates, but Moore, speaking to yorkshire live Last week, a positive note was struck on the contract front.

“We’re all in the same position when it comes to contracts,” the boss said Wednesday. “One thing we’re all focused on. At the same time, they (the players) are in a position where we don’t say no and we don’t say yes (to contract extensions). We’re in a position where we are trying to maximize what we do during a season.

“We want to maximize this season and see where it takes us. As a manager, I actually feel a little bit better (heading into) this summer than the other two.”

“I’ve been working really hard on the other two. But this summer I feel like I have a core squad there where I don’t feel like I would have to do those knee-jerk reactions right away. The last two summers we had to do that and rightfully so. This summer I wouldn’t feel I have to go and make a knee-jerk reaction.”

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