Day tripper takes a 220 kilometer trip on five buses that cost just £10 in total to see the Yorkshire coastline

One savvy traveler enjoyed an incredible 137-mile bus tour in one day for just £10, after taking advantage of a bus fare cap.

Andrew Cowell, 47, set off from his home in Allestree, Derby, arriving in Whitby ten hours after traveling on five buses. The 137-mile journey should have cost Andrew around £38, but due to the government’s £2 limit on bus fares in England, he only paid £10.

Andrew first took the Trans Peak bus from Allestree to Matlock at 6:40am and at 8:00am took the X17 to Barnsley, arriving at 10:55am After a five minute change he took the 96 to Barnsley to Wakefield and then took the 110 to Leeds, arriving at 12:51 p.m.

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About 25 minutes after arriving in Leeds, he caught the 840 Coastliner which arrived in Whitby three and a half hours later at 16:40. Railway worker Andrew said: “It was partly inspired by a woman who traveled from London to Scotland on buses.

“I knew I was going to have some holidays between jobs, so I looked at where I could go from Derby, which was a nice place to spend the night. I have a bit of prior knowledge because I work in public transport.” but I planned and researched on the bus company websites.”

The first bus that Andrew Cowell boarded at Allestree.

Although people often think buses are delayed or cancelled, Andrew said “everything ran smoothly” and all the buses “arrived and left right on time.” He said: “The coastline he was taking was the last one from Leeds to Whitby.


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