Parents accuse NHS staff of laughing when their 5-year-old son has life support turned off

The grieving parents of a five-year-old boy say they heard hospital staff laugh when their son’s life support machine turned off.

Haroon Rashid, 41, says he was forced to say goodbye to his son, Muhammad Ayaan Haroon, while medical staff in the same room laughed in the background.

He says that only a thin curtain stood between the laughing doctors and nurses who had treated Ayaan as they watched him take his last breath.

Haroon has filed a formal complaint about the conduct of the staff after a family member had to go and ask them to be respectful while they spent their last moments with Ayaan.

Bosses at Sheffield Children’s Hospital have promised a “thorough” investigation into the family’s claims.

Ayaan had been admitted to the hospital on March 5 with trouble breathing.

He had a history of respiratory illnesses and a rare genetic condition called Ago 1 that caused developmental delays.


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