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      Paul Crarey blames individual mistakes after Sheffield defeat

      ByMonelo Gabriel

      Feb 14, 2023

      The Raiders were beaten 36-16 by Sheffield Eagles at the Matt Johnson Prestige Stadium with Kris Welham and Will Oakes crossing twice for the visitors.

      Speaking after the match, Crarey admits his team didn’t do enough to deserve anything from the Round 2 match.

      He said: “There were periods where we took control, but then we let it go.

      “It was a 10-point game of ball at halftime – we were 80 per cent, I think they were 84 – so it was a pretty high-quality game, aside from a few misses on defense on our part.

      “I think we had five good ball games, we scored in two, we dropped the ball in game one twice and in game three in the last one.

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      “We’re not consistent with what we’re doing, we’re not fluid right now.

      “Everyone is looking at each other, and we have to take some responsibility in terms of individual forced errors.

      “60 percent in the second half, and eight errors, forcing the ball into great positions.

      “We have to figure that out and only they can do that as individuals.

      “So let’s go back to the drawing board this week: a small improvement from last week (against Toulouse) in terms of desire and control of the game.

      “I don’t think we dominated the game last week.

      “But I won’t take anything away from Sheffield, I thought they were very, very good.

      “I saw them last week against Halifax and I thought they were very, very good in that game as well.

      “All credit to them, but we need to look at ourselves as individual mistakes before we can correct that and rectify anything else we do.”

      “You can’t win games with eight errors and few completions.

      “We talked about it last week, and we’re talking about it this week.

      “Flaws in defense cost us a lot, so we have to fix things pretty quickly.”



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