Police were present and monitoring during the infamous rave that kept most of Sheffield awake

Police, though only in a supervisory capacity, were present during the now infamous rave that kept half of Sheffield up all night two weeks ago, it has been reported.

Ravers who attended the illegal party say ‘friendly and professional’ officers monitored them throughout the night and chose not to stop the party as it could be potentially dangerous if the revelers had driven home under the influence.

One told the Sheffield Tribune: “They kept an eye on us and just let it calm down on its own and made sure we cleared up at the end.” The rave, which has reportedly prevented sleep in Wybourn, Heeley, Meersbrook, Woodseats, Millhouses, Totley, Nether Edge, Broomhill, Crosspool, Crookes and Stannington, was held in a field on Ripon Street in Attercliffe on February 25.

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Although police say two parties were actually held that night, and another is said to have occurred in Darnall, no further details have been released since. A police spokesperson told The Tribune that the decision to shut down events like these was a “balancing act” between the threat and risk they posed and the resources needed to stop them, yet no arrests were made.

It is understood that the party finally ended around 3 pm on Sunday, February 26.

Chief Inspector Gareth Thomas of South Yorkshire Police said such events were “challenging” to deal with with remote locations, large numbers of people and the presence of alcohol or drugs.


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