Richard Hawley Pays Tribute To Pulp Bassist Steve Mackey

Richard Hawley Pays Tribute To Late Pulp Bassist Steve Mackey

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During the Olivier Awards, held at London’s Royal Albert Hall on Sunday 2 April, Sheffield-based singer-songwriter Richard Hawley made a lasting impression worthy of the laughs he elicited.

Along with Tom Deering, Hawley received the ‘Best Original Score or New Orchestrations’ award for their work on Standing at the edge of heaven at the National Theatre. Taking the stage to collect the award from him, Hawley took a little over his allotted 40 seconds to pay a comedic, profanity-laden tribute to the late Pulp bassist Steve Mackey. The ceremony was broadcast live on Magic radio.

“It’s been such a magical journey and I’ve learned so much,” Hawley began as he accepted the award.



“Now, there is one thing that is important to me personally that I want to do before I leave this stage,” Hawley continued, going through the motions. “I know they said 40 seconds (guide for length of acceptance speeches) but… (looks at clock) damn…”

“We all have to pay tribute to our fallen comrades sometimes, and I want to dedicate my very, very small portion of this award to my brother and dearest friend, Steve Mackey, the bass player for Pulp, who we lost a month ago. He and I were very fortunate to meet on the first day of nursery school on Hucklow Road in Sheffield, North Sheffield, many, many years ago, and we have remained friends and brothers all the time, and I am going to miss him forever. my life.”

“But I’ll tell you a funny story,” Hawley continued. “I know it ain’t fucking 40 seconds but you can edit this shit right? You can edit this. Fuck off!”

At that point, a Magic the host interrupted the live broadcast to say: “We must apologize for catering to those who take offense at some of the language Richard Hawley uses; It’s clearly very emotional…”

Surprisingly, Magic continued to broadcast after the apology message. “It’s fun,” Hawley assures listeners. “Do you want to hear the funny story or that shit?” he asks as the orchestra in the background begins to play, apparently to encourage him off stage.

“OK…summer break, 1977…” he continued before recounting a story about when he, Mackey, and several of their schoolmates urinated in the corner of the school in hopes of making a rainbow. “And only Steve Mackey knew it was called a prism,” he said. “I just thought it was pissing in the sun.”

“I mean, these days I literally have to take Viagra to keep from peeing in my fucking slippers,” she added.

In all, nine swear words, including four Fucks, three Pisses and two shits, were uttered as part of Hawley’s lengthy speech after accepting the award for “Best Original Score or New Orchestrations”.

Listen to the full audio below.


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