Sheffield fire: the old city church destroyed

In the early hours of March 29, a fire broke out in a derelict building on Copper Street in Sheffield city centre.

The building was built in 1858 and was named after St Jude’s Moorfields Church School. It was finally closed in 1999 due to operational problems, and until now it has been abandoned.

On the night of the 29th, the fire was massive and lasted for almost an hour until six firefighters completely extinguished it.

Susan Moore, 45, a resident who lived near the scene of the fire, said: “I was on my way home that night when all of a sudden there was a light in that direction and a strong smell of smoke.

The exterior of the broken house, photo by Austin (Zhen Zhang)

“I didn’t realize there was a fire until I saw the flames, and the inside of the house was already on fire, it was very scary.”

The 45-year-old man then described the scene at the time. She said that looking into the house from the outside, the wooden frame inside had been burned and the outer wall on top had also blackened. Firefighters immediately lifted the cordon upon arrival.

It was previously reported that this is not the first time the building has suffered a severe fire. It also burned part of the structure in 2018.

Paul Collins, 61, one of the maintainers of the street area, explained: “In 2018, there was a fire that was not serious here. Perhaps it was a problem with the structure of your building, or it needed to be carefully repaired throughout the year, making it easy for a fire to break out.

“Fortunately, it’s not close to other surrounding buildings, it has enough freestanding space, and the fire was quickly extinguished, preventing quite a few serious injuries.”

After the fire, firefighters cleared the scene, but there were still many burn marks, including broken windows, burned walls, and black wood materials.

The window of the broken house, Photo by Austin (Zhen Zhang)

The second story of the house was also damaged to some extent. The exterior wall of the second story was also damaged, exposing the structure of the interior room, and the bed was burned.

Currently, the site has been cordoned off and other irrelevant people are prohibited from entering; The fire station explained that this was due to the safety and flexibility of the handling site.


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