Sheffield Named UK’s ‘Abandoned Car Capital’

Sheffield has been named the abandoned car capital of the UK.

FOI requests sent to local councils across the country by Scrap Car Comparison seem to highlight that there is a growing problem of abandoned cars in some cities. And the results revealed that in 2022, Sheffield topped the ranks with the most abandoned cars for the year.

Ranked above all cities outside the Greater London area, the number of abandoned car reports reached 1,866, 238 more reports than second-placed city Brighton. The research, which explored data from different UK councils, suggests that Sheffield may have a growing problem with abandoned cars, as the city has ranked lower in previous years.

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The data showed that over the past two years, from January 2022 to December 2022, Sheffield saw 4,669 reports of abandoned cars, making it the fourth worst city in two years, after Bradford, Coventry and Brighton. and Hove. However, in 2022, numbers in Sheffield have skyrocketed, while numbers in Bradford have dropped significantly.

Despite the large number of reports, the Council states that of the 1,866 reports made, only 110 cars were considered to be actually abandoned and subsequently destroyed following reviews by Council officials. Any report made by a member of the public regarding an abandoned car is always scrutinized and reviewed.

A Sheffield City Council spokesperson said: “Not all reported vehicles are considered abandoned. Following investigation, in 2022, 110 of the 1,866 reports were considered abandoned and then destroyed.”


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