Sheffield’s 48 new EV charging points to be installed across the city – map of where they are

In response to the declaration of a climate emergency in 2019, Sheffield City Council has proposed a new public electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure.

The council has announced that it plans to commission third-party providers to deliver public electric vehicle charging infrastructure under 20-year contracts that will be awarded up to £15m of public funds.

At a meeting of the Transport, Regeneration and Climate Policy committee on March 16, Chancellor Andrew Sangar said: “We need to be at the point where half the city is driving electric vehicles and we are not at that point. This report takes us to the next step, but we are not there yet. We welcome the progress and the large amount of work the officers are doing, but there is still more to do.”

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The scheme aims to provide charging infrastructure for electric vehicles through funding for the Clean Air Zone, the government street residential charging point scheme and local electric vehicle infrastructure. He hopes the plans will make Sheffield a carbon neutral city by 2030.

According to the government, by 2030, 300,000 public charging points will be needed in the UK for the projected 30 million electric vehicles on the roads. Sheffield currently has just 28.3 charging points per 100,000 inhabitants, almost half the UK average of 52 per 100,000.

Jenny Wood, Sheffield City Council Lead Transport Planner, said: “In January 2023 there were 157 public charging points in Sheffield, which is well below the UK average and a catalytic increase is needed to support the transition to electric vehicles”.


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