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      Van driver rammed police cars during chase down M1

      ByMonelo Gabriel

      Feb 14, 2023

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      The footage shows the moment the police car is forced off the road.

      Footage has been released showing the moment a stolen van rammed a police car on the M1.

      Nottinghamshire Police released the video after Robert Wingate, 24, and Deimantas Palaima, 19, were jailed.

      The couple’s white Mercedes Sprinter, stolen from Sheffield, had been chased down the M1 during the early hours of December 2, 2021.

      The chase resulted in two officers being injured after their car was forced into a barrier.

      Police had initially tried to stop the stolen van as it headed north after being seen near Leicester Forest East Services.

      Officials said the van, which was traveling at more than 70 mph, crossed the road and struck several police vehicles as the couple tried to escape.

      While trying to lock up the van, a police car was rammed, causing it to swerve and hit the barrier at high speed.

      image source, Nottinghamshire Police


      Palaima (left) filmed the chase on his phone as the van collided with police vehicles, the force said.

      Detective Sergeant Matt Dumbrell, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “It’s a miracle our two officers who were rammed off the road were not seriously injured.

      “This dangerous driving showed complete disregard for the safety of others using the road and put the lives of others at serious risk.”

      The chase, which spanned four counties, came to a halt outside Barnsley after the van hit a stinger.

      Three other police vehicles were damaged, including one that was struck by a wheel that came off the struck car.

      Wingate, of HMP Hull, pleaded guilty to tampering with stolen property, aggravated carjacking, two counts of assault causing actual bodily harm and four counts of criminal damage.

      He was sentenced to three years and nine months in prison. He was also banned from driving for three years and three months.

      Palaima, of Throstle Row, Middleton, Leeds, pleaded guilty to tampering with stolen property, aggravated taking of a vehicle (being carried), two counts of assault causing actual bodily harm and one count of criminal damage.

      He was jailed for 25 months and banned from driving for 25 months.


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