How To Silence Notifications On Iphone At Night

How To Silence Notifications On Iphone At Night. Apple's focus on privacy sometimes backfires when the controls are too complicated or so strict that they become an annoyance. Go to your settings icon, click sounds, at the top you'll see silent, turn vibrate off.

Here's a quick way to silence notifications on iPhone from

I know i can manually set the notifications switch to off every night but there must be a better way. Silence notifications on iphone by turing the volume all the way down. This will cause your lock screen to dim, and that wall of distracting notifications will be replaced by a message saying calls and notifications will be silent.

Chances Are If That Person Is In A Panic In The Middle Of The Night, They Are Going To Do This Anyway, But It’s A Good Idea To Let People Know About This Feature.

Enable the toggle next to do not disturb. Tap focus, then tap do not disturb. Open control centre on your iphone or ipod touch, or on your ipad.

Choose To Silence Calls And Notifications Always Or Only When The Device Is Locked.

You can check whether your iphone is on silent mode by checking for the color visible on the silent switch. You can go into your settings select notifications, scroll to mail icon and turn off all sounds, banners, alerts, and badges when you go to bed at night (remember to turn back on). The ring/silent switch, present on the left edge of an iphone can be the best way to silence calls and notifications on your device.

This Will Cause Your Lock Screen To Dim, And That Wall Of Distracting Notifications Will Be Replaced By A Message Saying Calls And Notifications Will Be Silent.

Silence notifications on iphone by turing the volume all the way down. Also, i have thought about switching the phone to vibrate but then i don't think i can use my alarm because the music would not play. Ios 12 how to enable quiet notifications on iphone and from

Go To Settings / Do Not Disturb.

Now you’ll see all the basic elements of this incredibly useful ios feature: Actually, do not disturb is indeed your solution as it blocks all notifications except the calls which you specifically allow. That will silence the notifications, calls, and alerts from everyone.

Do Not Disturb Mode Can Be Turned On Two Ways.

It will block message notifications. Now when you silence the phone you'll also disable vibration however the phone will still be able to vibrate when the ringer is on. Another pretty easy way to silence notifications on ios is by turning the volume all the way down.

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